The Richland County Neighborhood Council (RCNC) is a non-partisan body which offers membership to all neighborhoods in the County for the purpose of educating residents, exchanging information, neighborhoods assisting one another, and actively advising local officials on issues affecting our communities.

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our Principles

These principles are the overall pillars that are established to uphold the Richland County Neighborhood Council.


Together they are committed to serve the residents of Richland County.

Enlighten neighborhoods through sound, proven and practical techniques.

Activate the forces that give power to the County and neighborhoods through

Movement to empower and educate neighborhood leaders into one influential voice.

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The below links will provide important information to get involved in your community and neighborhood.

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Upcoming Events

NUSA 2024 is coming to Richland County and Columbia! Join us for the official press conference on Thursday, October 26 at 3:30 PM at the Columbia Convention Center. 

Upcoming Events

Nominate your community for the Neighborhood of the Month 

our Gallery

Enjoy this brief gallery of past events .. and just wait for what the future holds!

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